How wonderful….
People waited long hours to cast their votes in the Primary Election 2016 only to find out that their votes DO NOT COUNT AT ALL- at least in the Republican GOP Establishment…

At the very moment when unsuccessful GOP Presidential candidate a Mormon devotee appeared on our TV screens to declare that he “cares for our country” and “will do his best to prevent Mr. Trump become a successful candidate” – the hell started…Gone were all ethical or moral values, if there were any at all(?!)…So called “leaders” of the GOP establishment openly showed their real faces and clearly reflected their personal poor educational training. Yes, folks, the results of the weak educational curricula and a poor educational training that exists in our schools for over a decade, is actively in display by GOP Establishment…

The members of GOP Establishment are not ashamed in presenting the REAL FACE of our country to the entire World: The GOP establishment works hard to preserve its crooked regulations only to continue keeping the power and control over people. The most important for them is to keep their companies and their wealth INTACT and in their hands…Judging by their steady and open demonstration of hate towards Mr. Trump, a man who like it or not was more successful and made more money than all of the GOP members of the establishment ever did together, in their rage and inability the GOP Establishment intensified their amoral and unethical actions thereby showing their shameful determination to go on until the very end. Inasmuch as GOP Speaker informed us – the regular people and voters whom the GOP Establishment openly disrespect,-  that he won’t run for the President during the GOP convention, he suggested that “all of those who participated in the race CAN BECOME a GOP NOMINEE”… Folks, according to GOP Speaker,  we all can ran, drop from the race, get a couple of delegates  or none during the elections and so EARN THE RIGHT NOT ONLY TO BECOME NOMINEES BUT ALSO BE SELECTED DEPENDING WHOM WE KNOW AMONG THE MEMBERS OF GOP ESTABLISHMENT.. How awfully shameful, embarrassing  and morally incorrect…

Mr. Trump, a candidate with the highest number of populous votes is completely ignored and disrespected.Their supporters as well.  And I guess not only Mr. Romney but many others of the GOP Establishment Team have received some type of financial donations or help by Mr. Trump – the same gentleman whom they now insult and bad mouth.

How happy am I to be a Democrat! How smart we democrats were to support President Obama and recognized ” the values” of Mr. Romney.

Finally, the Republican Party has shown US and ALL THE WORLD its real morals, ethics and ENORMOUS HATE. Instead of letting the democratic process go on, the GOP Establishment decided to take everything in their hands…Gone are any norms, any ethics, any morals, democracy …

All of US need to ask ourselves: Do we ever have had or have any democracy at all?????????? .

“USA – One Nation, One Dream.”
Are we all equal? Should we all reach each other.. work together.. – not hate or “lynch”.

Your comments are welcome…


About katjaog

As a naturalized US citizen I love my new country and as many other legal immigrants I myself have been and still am a DREAMER. I have been actively involved in local communities for over 20 years. I have been elected by the people to: A. * The Governing Board of Education where I served as the Board Member and President for over 15 years. In this capacity I have achieved the following: 1. Introduced small class sizes - up to 20 students at elementary schools and 26 students at the middle schools 2. Strengthen and expanded the music education 3. Expanded foreign language studies by introducing : Italian and Japanese foreign languages 4. After my proposal to organize the AP programs at the High School after it was denied by all members of the Board and then Superintendent, - I organized the Study Group of the members representing other local Unified School Districts, County Office of Education and other local institutions to "tackle" this issue by discussing the values of the AP programs they students might have at this particular High School. The final outcome of this discussion opened the door for then predominantly minority students attending this particular High School to be given opportunity to enroll in the AP classes and so join the other local schools in the area that had this program for a long time. Today this school became one of the leading local schools. 5. Opened up the possibility for the minority representatives educators to join the schools' administration and management. It was a non existent at that time. 6. Supported all teachers and their union to secure their more visible presence in decision making process at the management level relative to the curriculum, classroom activities and higher salaries that would reflect their hard work and educational contribution in teaching all the students of the local Unified School District. B.* Elected College Trustee of the local College Trustee Board of Education for 4 years. 1. When I joined this Board the majority of the members lived in the most expensive local cities and the gate communities. The elections were held "at large" that actually meant only the well-to-do residents could afford running for the College Board. I won the election because of my “name recognition.” The members who represented these plush areas could not and were not aware of the needs of other cities predominantly representing the members of the minority groups. I introduced the reorganization of the election "at large" to the elections by the districts/cities areas. As a Treasurer of the local chapter of NAACP I approached then President and other Board members to join me in the re - organizational efforts. The long work that followed was productive and successful:. Final outcome: election of "at large" was replaced by "election by the cities". Finally, all residents and local cities were represented equally!! C.* Member of the local County Democratic Central Committee for over 15 years - elected by the voters. - elected by fellow members : PR person - Vice Chair - Chair. D* Member and Vice President of the local Assembly District - AD; E. *Elected delegate to the California Democratic Party Executive Committee. F. *Appointed by then California Democratic Chair Gov. Jerry Brown to California Democratic Party Legislative Committee as a co-Chair. G.* Co-Founder of California Democratic Party Rainbow Caucus. H.* Vice Chair of California Democratic Party Rainbow Caucus. J* As a Life Member of NAACP I was a very active member and served as PR representative, Treasurer, Vice President and President of the local NAACP Chapter. In all these functions I worked hard and made significant changes that benefited many... I have always stood up and I am still standing up for the equality and the opportunity for ALL - not only for a few
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