NAACP - Reverse Discrimination

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything." George Bernard Shaw

We are both immigrants who came to the US of A with desire and dedication to do our utmost for the sake of the country that embraced us.
Kathrina volunteered in her local community and later was elected to the Governing Board of Education of local School District.
As a Board Member and President she initiated significant changes that benefited young students, teachers and members of minority groups. She initiated the introduction of Advanced Placement Courses at the Seaside High school which at that time was predominantly minority school.
As Board President she initiated reorganization of trustee areas with the intent to give the opportunity to the members of minority groups to run for the Board and get elected.
She believes that all Americans regardless of ethnic background must be given a chance to be active participants. In this spirit she initiated reorganization of the local College Trustee areas – the same way as she did on the School District level. This initiation was successful and for the first time in the history of this College the representatives of minority groups residing in their local communities had an opportunity to run and be elected. Until then the election was at large.
It was not equal representation of local communities. During Trustee area reorganization all five Trustee members were white men and resided either in Pebble Beach or Carmel. Today, this is not the case.
During her tenure as a Member of the Governing Board and later as a College Trustee Kathrina worked very closely with the representatives of the local #1049 NAACP on many vital issues. She believes in Equality-Equal Treatment of All, Appreciation and Respect of Every Human Being. She did not deserve to be humiliated, racially discriminated, insulted and harassed by five black members of NAACP, the members who were never around during Kathrina’s hard work on the betterment of local communities.
Eppie was a hard-working member of the NAACP Branch in Oakland. He spent a lot of time working on Legal Redress and labor Issues. He helped many NAACP members with their Housing issues or other social needs. He also did not deserve to be racially discriminated, humiliated and harassed.
By the way, all five black members who insulted us and racially discriminated against us, are still “sitting” as the members of the Executive Committee of local #1049 NAACP Branch.
visit us at www. kathrina.us

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