“GOP Political Structure”

NAACP - Reverse Discrimination

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw


Eppie Elkahan Author of   “The President”


Inasmuch as the Members of GOP Establishment have had a poor K-12 Education they proved their street-smart attitudes by securing all actions in their hands thereby controlling and ignoring their GOP voters’ votes.

They also made sure to control the GOP candidates they don’t like and SECURE THE RIGHTS OF THEIR OWN “self elect ACTION”  of the candidate they can control or like. This is the only opportunity for GOP Establishment to “feel safe”..This crooked and undemocratic “GOP RNC political system” ignores any candidate who earned the most votes by the GOP voters during any race whereby at the same time SECURES the ongoing right of GOP ESTABLISHMENT’s decision i.e. for to continue KEEPING the political power and control over the GOP candidates and its voters. . Suddenly, during this Presidential  race the members of GOP Establishment found themselves in “the hole” where all of their “favorite individuals ” performed poorly and were forced to drop out..Again, the GOP Speaker was quick to help in and “declare” that “all those who ran the race should be eligible for nomination ” … a good try – so he thinks. The peoples’ votes, poor performance of those individuals and anything else don’t matter what-so-ever in the minds of the GOP Establishment” .  ” According to Media and some GOP members        ” Rules are Rules and Must be Obeyed.”….I wonder how many of us agree with this…..???????? Let us know. As for ourselves here we believe that a change of such undemocratic rules IS A MUST, if we are to be equal, respect and accept each other and create a real democracy, involvement and respect!



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