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NAACP - Reverse Discrimination

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw


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The fact that somebody else is using our site to write and “correct” our writing which obviously is not liked by the “intruder” – confirms our  originally made statements that this and similar  “actions” done by individuals or a group should not surprise us at all.  IT IS SIMPLY THE RESULT OF K-12 SYSTEM’s poor curricula, training and other educational methods/elements :

a) the poor K-12 education reflexes the present “behavior” of a majority individuals in their actions be it a speech, statement, writing or attitudes.

b)in the absence of any fundamental or basics academic training in ethical or moral areas, the values or other academic fields they themselves trust their “instincts” and act accordingly.

Such attitudes are prevailing today:

    • No wonder “young students”at the college or universities who are against FREE SPEECH actually have NO IDEA what FREE SPEECH is all about.  
    •  No wonder the students’ destructing and by out of control actions at the colleges or universities show their “desperate” fights against “free speech.”  Don’t blame the students for their ignorance. Blame the “leaders” and “REPAIR” K-12 Education. But the only way to “REPAIR” K-12 system is by involving the foreign educators and engaging them in leadership positions.
    • It is well known that one gets the academic position at the college or university not based on their training, knowledge or education but rather based on the “friendship” with influential individual, i.e. VIPs as we call them. No wonder that these “young” or middle aged adults who are today “professors” or “assistants” and who themselves went thru K-12 education thereby lacking the  fundamental knowledge on ethical or moral values- could provide the students with the educational fundamentalism they themselves are not aware of. The majority of these young and middle aged “instructors/professors”, therefore, support such poor actions of their students.
    • What then to expect of the elected “elite” senators, congressmen, congresswomen and alike?! Not much, indeed. The majority of them went thru K-12 Educational system that has not changed  since 1980 and is rapidly declining more and more.
    • No wonder the elected elite proved not to care much about good being of their constituents. The elected elite believes that they are elected to represent THEMSELVES and their “VIEWS” rather than the views of their constituents. The constituents are taken for granted. So are their elective seats. Usually the father who is retired congressman/or senators “pass his seat” to his son/or daughter or other close relative. These are UNTOUCHABLE SEATS. Yes, everyone has right to run. Everyone may run. It is free. But…”hierarchy has deeps and hidden roots”.
    • The democrats along with many of their republican colleagues show extremely shocking abilities of hate. They are ignoring good gestures done by the President which at least, one would expect, should be appreciated by them: The President’s support and his positive response to their requests for financial contributions towards their campaigns, have been completely disrespected by those elected elite”.   The same way as they have forgotten the given President’s financial campaign support, and being busy with their deep hate toward the President, they have also completely displayed their disrespects for the US citizens’ welfare and needs.  Perhaps many of their constituents could be pleased with some of the President’s actions – the recent tax bill for instance. It is worth to research and ask the constituents(!?!). But elected elite believing that their opinion and views are what count, do not hesitate to continue with their bitter hate of another human being, i.e. the President thereby ignoring the present needs of the people in the country. 
    • Also, the elected elite showed their deep disrespect for LEGAL NATURALIZED US CITIZENS who migrated to the US in a legal manner thereby following all US Immigration rules, regulations and laws. These immigrants were then and still are DREAMERS. To call the illegal immigrants “dreamers” is a grave insults to all new US Naturalized citizens who were then and still are LEGAL DREAMERS.

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