Reverse Discrimination
Two active members of NAACP Branch #1049 are waiting – almost two years – for the NAACP Leadership to intervene and stand up against reverse discrimination which both members badly experienced and so protect not only these two members but many others who remain silent out of fear to speak up. The insults committed by then several African-American members of the Executive Committee of the NAACP Branch #1049 and aimed at then President and another member of the same Executive Committee cannot be ignored. They must be addressed. They must be stopped..
Kathrina is of a white and Eppie is of a black shade. Both requested help from the California NAACP and National NAACP Leaderships. None responded to their pleas. It seems the NAACP Leadership decided it is not worth to protect their two members and stop racial hate and discrimination aimed at two members.
Kathrina is a fully paid life member of NAACP, who served on Executive Committee of the NAACP Branch #1049 since 1996 as a Political Chair, Education Chair, Treasurer, Second Vice President, First Vice President and finally as a President. Eppie was a member of the Oakland branch and worked on Legal Redress for so many years. Both of them certainly do not deserve such treatment by the State of California and National NAACP Leaderships.
The two members shared and documented to us their extremely painful experience. Perhaps other organizations which also stand up for equal opportunity, treatment of ALL and are against discrimination, might be interested to join on these issues and stop racial hate.

Both NAACP members, – Kathrina and Eppie, have always supported the NAACP Mission. They still do. Unfortunately, it seems that the NAACP Leadership themselves failed to protect its own Mission..
Both NAACP members told us: ” We sincerely believe in the NAACP slogan:
“NAACP One Nation, One Dream.
We are hurt. We are dissapointed and yet we are determined to dedicate our work and struggle to fullfill and follow Dr. M. L. King’s mission: To remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic processes.
We are all the same. We are all equal and we all should reach each other.. work together.. – not hate or “lynch”.
If you agree with us please join us and give us the opportunity to address the members of your organization and share very sad, but unfortunately real racial attacks we somehow survived!!


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