The Facts

The NAACP is one of the most important and sustainable foundations in the world, it’s part of the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King  provided for all Americans: to give us the elements needed to achieve our dream of life, liberty and happiness in the promise land, in the shining city on the hill America, constructed by our founding fathers.

The NAACP Mission and Vision must be always followed, practiced and respected. Every NAACP Branch and their members must know that practicing and encouraging reverse discrimination does not fulfill the NAACP vision. But it also must be learn at the National NAACP and State of California NAACP level.

Let us do the right thing: Whether we are ” NAACP” OR “TEA PARTY”, we are all humans and Americans with FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ACTIONS.

“Knowledge is the foundation spark for change and action, silence is the foundation spark for silence and consent.”


For further information visit Kathrina.US


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